You may want to start using your ATM and bank-by-mail options more frequently these days. The F.B.I. says armed bank robberies are on the rise in Denver.

According to state and local authorities there were 151 bank robberies in the Denver metro area last year. This year, we’ve already seen 125 robberies.

Among the banks that were hit recently:

On June 16, police say robbers with nylon pantyhose over their faces hit a Bellco Credit Union in Wheat Ridge. A day later, a Wells Fargo Bank on South Monaco Parkway was the target of an armed robbery. That same day, the Premier Bank in Littleton was hit….A few weeks later, a World Savings Bank in Aurora was robbed.

Because of video surveillance, most bank robbers are caught eventually. But if you’re one of those who are inside a bank when it gets robbed, that’s hardly a consolation.