I love the Highlands area so much that I might just have to move there. I really mean it. I was driving through Highlands earlier today, and I almost stopped when I saw a “For Sale” sign and info box outside of a neat little bungalow up there.

As if the oh-so-hip neighborhood surrounding Highland Square isn’t already cool enough, they’ve now kicked off a great new event that happens every third Thursday of the month. The retailers along 32nd Avenue are joining forces to create a monthly musical block party — think of the Highland Street Festival, only on a smaller scale and indoors.

I went last month, and loved it. I had wine at Frolik and looked at the sale merchandise. I listened to a great honky-tonk band with a talented gent on the slide guitar at The Perfect Petal. I checked out an acoustic rock outfit outside of Zen Bath. And that was only half of one block.

Tonight, check out a special jewelry trunk show at Studio Bead, and expect more live music at Perfect Petal, where tonight’s band is the Daren Hahn Group, plus others at Mead Street Station, and other hot spots along the way. The idea is to promote local boutiques and local bands in the same locations, and it’s a really fun evening. Of course, if it gets too popular (and things get broken/stolen/spilled on) this may soon come to an early end.

So go. While you can. And who knows? Maybe you’ll see me soon, walking down the street to my new Highlands home.