It’s been quite a year for Conifer 10-year-old Morgan Wolfers. In May, through a partnership between Jill Biden and National Geographic Kids, the young photographer’s work went up on the wall of the vice president’s residence in Washington, D.C. In September, the Denver Art Museum featured Wolfers’ photography in an exhibit that highlighted the work of young artists with autism spectrum disorder.

The year of well-deserved recognition for Wolfers gets even better—he’s currently working with Denver’s Folsom Custom Skis to put four of his nature photos on their locally made skis. A portion of the skis’ sales (around 10 percent) will benefit the Blue Ribbon Arts Initiative, a Denver foundation that raises awareness about autism and supports the art of children on the spectrum.

After learning about Wolfers from a 9News story, Folsom’s chief of operations Mike McCabe reached out to the Wolfers family to throw out the idea of using Morgan’s designs. Morgan was instantly hooked, his mother, Heather, says. “[Morgan] was on the Loveland ski team for a while, and his dad is a ski instructor there, so skiing’s a big part of his life,” Heather Wolfers says. “So to think that he might be able to see people out there skiing with his photography on their skis is just so exciting for him.”

Last week, Wolfers and McCabe met at Folsom to chat about the process of transferring the photography onto a pair of skis. “You could see his eyes lighting up, and it seemed like he was really just very, very enthused on this whole project,” McCabe says. “It feels good in every direction to help out for something like this.”

Wolfers is still deciding which four photos he wants to choose for the ski designs. One of the photos he submitted to Folsom, “Brilliant String Waterfall,” depicts a stunning view of a waterfall near southwest Colorado’s Million Dollar Highway (U.S. Route 550). Another he’s considering shows a striking close-up of a multicolored caterpillar on a leaf. “I think he really shows a side of the world we don’t often see,” Heather Wolfers says. “He notices all these beautiful details we just pass by.”

You can see more of Wolfers’ photos on his photography page.