Previously, if you wanted an expedition-style guided ski adventure, your best bet was to book a flight to the 49th state. Not anymore. Starting in February 2023, Mountain Trip and Telluride Helitrax begin hosting guests at they’re new Bridal Veil Backcountry Ski Camp (from $925 for two nights). At 12,500 feet, the bivouac re-creates Mountain Trip’s Alaskan base camps—including on Denali—in the San Juan Mountains, only with a bit of added luxury. Instead of lugging in your own shelter and overnight gear, Helitrax flies in heated, double-walled tents (complete with insulated platforms for extra warmth), padded cots, and sleeping bags for each trip, and in lieu of freeze-dried gruel, you’ll refuel in the kitchen tent on chef-catered meals. But just because you’ll experience a slightly more cushy stay—which you’ll reach after a three- to four-hour ski traverse from Telluride Ski Resort’s backcountry gates—don’t expect the skiing to be any less epic. The Upper Bridal Veil Basin offers access to everything from mellow, low-angled lines to seriously steep couloirs, and the 4,000-foot descent back to town that caps off the trip requires navigating cliff bands, tree chutes, and other technical terrain.