Coming off the Colorado Cannabis Convention over the weekend, attorney Rob Corry, a steadfast supporter of medical marijuana, debated state Attorney General John Suthers, a staunch critic of the current medical-marijuana system, at the University of Denver yesterday in what The Denver Post calls a “rhetorical cannabis cage match” watched by law students and medical marijuana supporters. The debate served to underscore increasingly entrenched divisions over the state’s growing medical marijuana industry and culture, along with gray areas of the law. Meanwhile, on the University of Colorado’s Boulder campus, administrators are trying to clear up some of the murky issues created by students who are licensed to use marijuana medicinally. Freshman students using medical pot are no longer required to live in dormitories their first year, reports the Daily Camera, although some students believe a better alternative would be to designate smoking areas inside the dorms. Another idea would be to move up Boulder Canyon to the tiny mountain town of Nederland, where pot smoking is now legal regardless of why it’s used (via the Daily Camera). While Breckenridge allows less than one ounce of marijuana for adults, Ned has removed all criminal penalties against buying, selling, possessing, consuming, growing, and transporting marijuana for any reason by anyone age 21 or older. Of course, it remains illegal to do all of those things under state and federal laws. Marijuana advocate Mason Tvert, the founder of SAFER (Safer Alternative For Enjoyable Recreation), points to Denver as the leader in local decriminalization efforts: “Denver’s obviously the epicenter of the marijuana reform movement in Colorado—and without a doubt, we’ll see more cities following the lead of Denver, Breckenridge, and, now, Nederland, in taking actions and passing local measures. They’re sending a very clear message to their elected officials that it’s time to reevaluate how we treat marijuana in this state and nationwide” (via Westword). Vanessa Martinez contributed to this post.