Enjoying a carefree cocktail at a busy bar may have slipped off our list of weekend activities (for now), but here’s a handsome alternative: a dedicated whiskey room at home. As part of a larger renovation, interior designer Jennifer DesJardin of Motif Design Solutions used square footage from the former dining room to create the 12-by-9-foot space that accommodates her client’s extensive whiskey collection. Details including gold side tables and a board-game-ready ottoman have an inviting feel, and DesJardin’s decision to paint the walls and ceiling all one color (Sherwin-Williams’ Hunt Club in an eggshell finish) adds coziness. “It feels like the room is giving you a hug,” she says. Adding just a few pieces of art—including a large-scale painting to balance the accent wall and unify the palette—lets the bottles shine. And if there’s anything better than an intimate lounge in one’s own home, it’s a lounge with a secret door: Here, a gentle push swings a shelf open to reveal a passage into the kitchen’s walk-in pantry. The whole setup is what we’d call pandemic-proof design.