Every death in Iraq is a tragedy. Colorado took a big hit Friday when three soldiers from Fort Carson, including Joshua Hager from Broomfield, were killed by an improvised explosive device (IED.)

Fort Carson has lost 189 soldiers in the Iraq War.

In Fort Collins, residents visited Sen. Ken Salazar’s office, hoping to persuade him to vote against funding an additional $93 million for the Iraq war.

Sen. Salazar is waffling once again.

U.S. Sen. Ken Salazar, D-Denver, said he supports the concept of passing a binding resolution in Congress that would restrict military involvement in Iraq, but that such a plan could only succeed with bipartisan support.

The Democrats plan to introduce a resolution this week rescinding authorization for the Iraq War.

The proposal would repeal a 2002 Senate vote that authorized U.S. military involvement in Iraq and replace it with a more stringent plan that includes removing troops from combat by March 2008.

….[Salazar] … emphasized that sponsors need to bring Republicans on board before introducing the measure.

Is there anything Salazar will agree to without Republican support? He wasn’t elected to be a Republican water carrier. He was elected as a Democrat. I think it’s about time he began acting like one. How many more Coloradans must lose their lives in Iraq before he puts politics aside when deciding how to vote?