Univeristy of Colorado Ethnic Studies Professor Ward Churchill continues to have misconduct charges against him thrown out. Three allegations of research misconduct have been dropped by the CU Inquiry Committee. Last month, charges related to his ethnicity and copyright infringement were dropped. Here’s what’s left:

The committee continues to look into allegations that Churchill may not have properly adhered to conventions of citation and attribution — including letting others publish his work under their names – and that the professor is wrong in some historical and legal interpretations included in his voluminous writings.

Churchill thinks the inquiry is losing steam. But he’s still critical of the University’s handling of the matter:

“My own reading is that they’re getting sick of this,” Churchill said. “Five of the allegations have been bounced — these three, plus the ethnic fraud allegation, plus the copyright issue. Meanwhile, punitive measures continue against me — the withholding of my teaching award and my sabbatical.”