While my lifestyle has changed by leaps and bounds since I graduated from college, my wardrobe hasn’t. I still knock around in jeans, T-shirts, and Converse nearly every day. With the advent of fall, I wear the same outfit but throw a V-neck sweater on top of it. Since I’m staring down my 30th birthday, I’ve decided it’s time to update my closet. But I also have a really limited budget, so I’ve started shopping around at different resale stores for deals on consignment. My first stop is Mercer Place, owned by Lana Mercer, where I talk to sales associate Sonja Henderson, who describes the store’s selection as “funky and creative—we’re not the corporate types.” Indeed, Mercer is a not your traditional resale shop. When I ask Henderson to show me some of her favorite finds around the store, she walks straight to the dress rack where she pulls a short white dress and puts it into my hands. It’s from Vera Wang. And it’s new. New designer pieces are priced competitively, but resale pieces from designers can be hundreds of dollars cheaper. Most of the clothes are much more affordable; a rack of sweaters offers plenty of selections under $30—all brand name. Another benefit: The sales associates are incredibly helpful. Henderson says she appreciates people who are willing to divulge their budget limits. She’ll help find complete outfits for $75 or $100, including shoes and accessories. Also, ladies: Get thee to the back of the store and check out the boot selection. Thank me later. Bonus: Every month, items get reduced by an additional 10 percent. 1388 S. Broadway, 303-765-4776