When people look back on important milestones in their lives, they often attach ancillary details to those moments in their minds. They remember who was president when they graduated high school. They know what the number one song on the radio was the year they met their significant others. In my case, I connect my life’s wayposts to magazines. As this edition of 5280 hits newsstands, I can look back 20 years and recall the cover of the August/September 2001 issue I picked up the day I arrived in Denver as a 22-year-old aspiring journalist. Six weeks later, 5280’s founder, Dan Brogan, gave me a small desk, outfitted with a very large, teal iMac G3, and the chance to learn how to be a reporter, writer, and editor.

Twenty years from now, the cover of this month issue’s, beautifully photographed by associate photo editor Sarah Banks, will no doubt pop into my mind when I think about becoming the editor of 5280. I step into this new role with so many goals. The first is to steward Denver’s city magazine as artfully and successfully as my predecessors—most notably, Geoff Van Dyke, who passed me the proverbial red pen but will remain 5280’s editorial director. The second is to continue our efforts to cover all of Denver’s many diverse communities, making sure to give voice to those who too often go unheard. And, finally, I hope to produce a magazine, along with 5280’s talented team, that sticks in your memory, not because it was on your coffee table when something notable happened, but because it actually changed your life. Whether we give you the push you need to see a therapist or inspire you to take up trail running or turn you on to mind-expanding art, I want 5280 to bring you unforgettable joy each month, just as it has for me for the past two decades.