Ouch. Time Magazine has named the best and worst U.S. Senators and Sen. Wayne Allard is in the bottom five.

“In a Senate full of ambitious members, Colorado Republican Wayne Allard is so bland that his critics have dubbed him ‘Dullard,'” according to the article, which criticizes him for “almost never” playing a major role in legislation despite being a Republican on the powerful Budget and Appropriations committees.

…Allard “rarely speaks on the floor or holds press conferences to push his ideas,” according to the Time article. “Few of the bills he has introduced over the past year have passed.”

Allard’s office responds that he is a “work horse” not a “show horse” and Time’s analysis contains no objective criteria.

Who else ranked at the bottom with Allard?

Montana Republican Conrad Burns, who has faced intense scrutiny for his relationship with disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff, and Hawaii Democrat Daniel Akaka, whom the magazine described as “a master of the minor resolution and the bill that dies in committee.”

Here are all three lists:

  • Ten best senators: Thad Cochran, R-Miss.; Kent Conrad, D-N.D.; Dick Durbin, D-Ill.; Ted Kennedy, D-Mass.; Jon Kyl, R-Ariz.; Carl Levin, D-Mi.; Richard Lugar, R-Ind.; John McCain, R-Ariz.; Olympia J. Snowe, R-Maine; Arlen Specter, R-Pa.
  • Five worst senators: Daniel Akaka, D-Hawaii; Wayne Allard, R-Colo.; Jim Bunning, R-Ky.; Conrad Burns, R-Mont., and Mark Dayton, D-Minn.
  • Freshman up and comers: Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y.; Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., Barack Obama, D-Ill., Mark Pryor, D-Ark.; John E. Sununu, R-N.H.