Mosquitos usually don’t come out in force until June or July. Because of our wet spring, they are here in abundance now. Particularly in the Stapleton area. If you’re going to be outside this Memorial Day weekend, be prepared.

“As far as the amount of mosquitoes we’re finding in the water right now, it’s astronomical,” Tony Stilwell with Colorado Mosquito Control, Inc. said. “We’ve gotten numerous complaint calls about the mosquito population out there.”

At least you don’t have to be afraid of the West Nile virus this weekend. That comes later on.

The type of mosquito out now is called a flood water mosquito. The Culex Tarsalis are the type that typically carry West Nile virus.

They’ll be here soon enough. So when you buy mosquito repellent, buy the kind with “Deet.” That protects against both, or so they say.