If you can’t trust yourself to avoid all the online distractions at work, programs now exist that allow you to shut down your own access to the Internet. But one woman named “Claire” is lucky she took some time from her work to peek at her cell phone recently, which was hooked to a camera in her home. She set up the camera using the iCam app, available for iPhones and Droids, to keep an eye on her dog, but instead she saw either a thief or pervert break into her Capitol Hill abode on Wednesday and rummage through her bedroom. And she called Denver police in time to nab the guy, according to 9News.

But the perp claims he was just taking a look around, and didn’t take anything. “And I said, ‘Well that’s interesting, because I have the feed of him stealing my iPad,'” Claire says she told police. She also discovered the thief had stolen a package containing keys to her place and used them to sneak in. “He went through my drawers, my jewelry. He even touched my clothes and pillow,” she tells The Associated Press.