Death threats from anti-Scientology activists have led Tom Cruise to alert the FBI and to increase his own security at his Colorado estate.

That’s according to Britain’s Telegraph, which also noted earlier this week that some people are angered by Cruise’s decision to play the man who attempted to assassinate Adolph Hitler in 1944, Nazi officer Claus von Stauffenberg, in the film “Valkyrie.”

In response, Cruise has reportedly built an underground bunker at his Telluride abode.

In other celebrity news, the 1959 convertible Cadillac featured on the 1980s TV show “MacGyver” and once owned by actor Steve McQueen was stolen, sold, insured, and again stolen by a local organized crime ring, according to The Denver Post.

The Denver district attorney’s office has filed an indictment. The Caddy is worth $133,000, according to the Auto Blog.