Rep. Tom Tancredo, who apparently has nothing else to do besides find ways to look silly, is at it again. From the Associated Press:

A Colorado congressman is asking the Interior Department to reconsider the crescent-shaped design of the memorial to those aboard a plane hijacked on Sept. 11, 2001, because some may think it honors the terrorists.

Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., says the design, called “Crescent of Embrace,” could invite “controversy and criticism.” In a letter sent Tuesday to National Park Service Director Fran Mainella, Tancredo said many have questioned the shape “because of the crescent’s prominent use as a symbol in Islam — and the fact that the hijackers were radical Islamists.”

Flight 93 crashed into a field in southwestern Pennsylvania near Shanksville as its passengers tried to take control of the plane. Forty passengers and crew died in the struggle.

The memorial design was approved last week at a meeting of the Flight 93 Advisory Commission. Congress and the secretary of the interior still must sign off on the design. It is expected to be presented to the Interior Department by Sept. 25, said Dan DuBray, a department spokesman.

The park service and family members of crash victims said that the memorial’s shape — a circle broken by the flight pattern of the plane — simply follows the topography of the crash site.

Good thing Tancredo is looking out for all of us, because the first thought of pretty much everyone was inevitably going to be, “Why did we make a memorial to the terrorists?” He sure saved us all a lot of embarassment.

The tough part now is going to be coming up with a shape that does not pay tribute to terrorists. A circle shape? Sorry, terrorists have round heads and a circle would pay tribute to their terrorizing domes. A rectangle? Nope — terrorists sometimes cite the Koran for inspiration, and the Koran is usually printed on rectangular sheets of paper.

Remember, this is the same man who suggested his own nickname, “Tom Tom” Tancredo, to pay homage to Native Americans. And yet he is a three-term congressman. People voted for him. Repeatedly.

It makes you wonder why people poke fun at him.