Rep. Tom Tancredo will make it official Monday. He’s running for President.

The Littleton congressman, who has had an exploratory committee, will tell radio host Jan Mickelson in Des Moines that he is formally joining the race for the Republican nomination, two sources close to the congressman said.

Like other presidential candidates using alternative forums to break the news that they are seeking the Oval Office, Tancredo, the anti-illegal immigration stalwart, is choosing the medium that has given him a home for almost a decade. “We’re looking at a day of announcements on talk radio,” a source close to the campaign said. “That’s where the conservative movement has made its mark. That’s where our people get their news.”

So, Tancredo supporters get their news from right-wing talk radio, not the Denver Post, the Rocky Mountain News, the New York Times or even conservative blogs. That’s an interesting constituency.

Who will represent the residents of his District in Congress as he spends all his time campaigning? Is an absentee Congressman in their best interest?