As authorities in Mexico remain quiet on whether they’ve uncovered the body of a Colorado man believed shot in the head last week by cartel members on the Texas border, Tom Tancredo, not surprisingly, has a comment: “The Mexican government says that they can’t do anything about it because they’re involved in a firefight with these cartels that have actually prevented them from getting in to get the body” (via CBS4).

Of course, border and immigration issues have long been the bailiwick of Tancredo, a former Republican congressman and the American Constitution Party candidate for governor. And it seems voters are continuing to warm up to him, as Republican challenger Dan Maes struggles.

The latest poll from Rasmussen Reports shows Tancredo’s rebel campaign has closed within single digits of Democrat John Hickenlooper. While Hickenlooper, Denver’s current mayor, still enjoys a solid advantage—43 percent—Tancredo, who entered the race only in late July, is now polling at 35 percent, according to Fox 31, after initially showing numbers in the low- to mid-teens. The poll has led Tancredo’s campaign to issue a press release with the headline, “Once inevitable, Hickenlooper now in jeopardy.”