Earlier this year, the University of Colorado at Boulder ranked number 16 on Princeton Review’s list of top party schools. Now, there’s a company catering to all those drinkers as they wake up to their own alcoholocausts. Hangover Helpers, a new business started by CU grads Alex Vere-Nicoll and Marc Simons, rushes to the aid of fallen partiers with breakfast burritos, Gatorade, and a cleaning plan to eliminate beer-amids and less-mentionable party destruction, writes Boulder’s Daily Camera. Vere-Nicoll and Simons have been passing out fliers around campus and networking their idea through Facebook with success. Their services, $15 per roommate, might seem unnecessary to some, but as Vere-Nicoll says, “We’ve been asked, ‘Are there really people too lazy to clean their house after a party?’ The answer is ‘yes.'”

It’s “one of the best ideas ever,” writes Jezebel’s Morning Gloria. “As someone who hosted some pretty apocalyptically messy parties in college, I can’t believe I didn’t think of this.”