The leaves are changing, and the scent of pumpkin spice is in the air, which can only mean one thing: It’s the spooky season once again. As Denverites of every age prepare to don their most clever and ghoulish getups, now is the time to lay out your family’s treat-or-treating battle plan. Luckily, many of Denver’s neighborhoods know how to lean into the Halloween spirit with tons of treats, extravagant decor, and that special touch of Mile High magic.

“Decorating [our homes] gives us the opportunity to get out and interact with neighbors,” says Montclair resident Cameron Tune, whose block is known for creating over-the-top Halloween scenes. “It’s hard not to get excited about the camaraderie and sense of [community] identity.” To help map out your spooktacular evening and the ultimate candy haul, we rounded up Denver’s best neighborhoods for trick-or-treating, according to locals themselves.


A Halloween haul from Hilltop is sure to live up to this neighborhood’s grand reputation, as residents of this historic enclave are known for handing out copious amounts of candy. Having spent two Halloweens in Hilltop already, mother-of-two Kate Lewis also appreciates that kiddos can galavant safely in the neighborhood: “It feels the most like suburban trick-or-treating. Cars aren’t coming down the street and kids are able to go out and have fun.”

Come dressed in your Halloween best and enjoy strolling the leafy streets. And if the candy haul isn’t enough, be sure to check out Hilltop’s Halloween Picnic & Parade that runs through Cranmer Park on October 30.


Skip the party at your neighbor’s house and head over to Denver’s most storied Hallows’ Eve drags. With some of the wildest decorations in the city, it’s no wonder that more than 2,000 trick-or-treaters plant themselves here every October.

Some residents spend thousands of dollars to deck out the block, according to former longtime resident and Denver historian Bill Hansen, who notes that the corner of East Severn Place and Oneida Street is “usually ground zero,” with surrounding streets being blocked off in recent years due to popularity. “Montclair’s old grand mansions are ideal for Halloween decorating and trick-or-treating, and the entire neighborhood now joins in,” he says. “It is special in the city.”

Cherry Hills Village

A favorite among Denverites, Cherry Hills Village attracts all the little monsters, er, tykes each year. Once the sun goes down and the kids in costume swarm the streets, the spooky scene seems right out of a Halloween movie. “The families go all out,” one Cherry Hills resident said. “Some even created their own haunted houses.” With decorated homes spanning large lots just south of downtown, a trip to Cherry Hills Village calls for walking shoes and spacious bags for all your candy come-ups.

Harvey Park

This quiet southwest Denver neighborhood comes alive on Halloween night. 5280 features editor and past Harvey Park local Spencer Campbell says his doorbell was “constantly ringing” with chocolate-hungry trick-or-treaters each year. The close proximity of all the houses is a sure advantage for the candy-to-walking ratio, making this secret spot a popular choice that your little ones will love.

Virginia Village

With a number of schools in the area, Virginia Village is considered prime candy-hunting real estate.“The demographic mix is great,” says Amanda Millar Johnson, mother and resident of Virginia Village.“We have families with high school kids who like to make the littles’ night super fun, [and] retired neighbors who love to see the kids. Also, from a safety point of view, I love wide streets and fewer cars parked on the street so kids aren’t popping out in front of traffic.”

An area of convenience, this neighborhood is an easy commute over from Colorado Station on Denver’s light rail system. And with eateries nearby, families can fuel up before embarking on a fun night of costumes, trick-or-treating, and a possible sugar high.

Central Park

If you’re looking for an all-ages, street-wide costume party, this is the neighborhood for you. Bright, festive lights and houses flooded with candy make this cozy community a “destination trick-or-treating area,” according to long-time resident Courtney Drake-McDonough, welcoming you and your kids to join hundreds of others going door-to-door, collecting treats on this safe and friendly street.

Park Hill

Park Hill is renowned in Denver for going all-out with extravagant holiday decorations—especially for All Hallows’ Eve. “I’m so impressed with the level of seriousness the neighborhood takes in their Halloween decorations,” says new Park Hill resident Carolyn Theis. “It’s nice to see people celebrate something so silly.” With thrilling sights around every corner, this fun and mystical atmosphere makes the perfect place to take your little ones to this Halloween.