Scientists who chase tornadoes will gather in several hot spots along the plains next month, including eastern Colorado, for a project that aims to “provide the knowledge to accurately predict when and where a tornado will develop.” That’s according to The Washington Post, which notes that people have, on average, just 13 minutes’ warning time to reach shelter when a tornado is on the way. Some people have only half that time, showing why the five-week project–a study called “Vortex 2”–will try to improve warning times and reduce false alarms so that people take warnings more seriously. Meanwhile, the recent snowstorm in Colorado left thousands of people in the Boulder and Denver areas without power–a problem utility workers were still working hard to fix as the sun emerged on Sunday, according to The Associated Press. Appropriately, it happens to be Extreme Weather Awareness Week, according to News 8 in Grand Junction, which reports that federal officials are encouraging families to put together emergency plans–just in case.