Last Sunday morning found me tucked into a patio table with a friend at Dino’s Soda Bar, investigating a tip from a reader. Rumor had it that the South Gaylord spot had an egg sandwich that would put one of our 2008 Top of the Town claims to shame.

In July, 5280 argued that Denver lacked a good breakfast sandwich, but as I bit through Dino’s flaky croissant into a golden fried egg layered with salty ham and melted Swiss cheese ($6), and my friend cut through thick pieces of wheat bread, an egg, and slices of tomato and creamy avocado ($6.50), I sensed the editorial staff had been hasty in its declaration.

Between our two sandwiches, we had the buttery flavors of Europe and healthy California eating. Whether Dino’s egg sandwich is worthy of the Top of the Town crown, though, is yet to be determined. Supposedly, Masterpiece Delicatessen and Udi’s also have notable contenders. Watch out for our complete egg sandwich roundup in an upcoming issue of 5280.

2217 E. Mississippi Ave., 303-777-0414