Every cyclist travels with an entourage—not just the superstars currently grinding through the Tour de France—though few rides cater to cyclists’ friends and family as well as the Eriksen Tour de Steamboat on July 19.

By signing up for the $100 VIP package, riders score perks that they can share with their support crew: The deal includes day passes to the local hot springs pool, a gondola ride, and a party zone where families can watch live Tour de France coverage. Instead of standing in the glaring sun while they wait for their rider to cross the finish line, families and partners can unwind with a cool beverage in a shady tent.

That’s in addition to cyclist-specific treats like a pre-ride bike tune, post-ride massages, and chances to mingle with greats such as Andy Hampsten (the first and only American ever to win the Giro d’Italia).

Even without the VIP luxuries, Steamboat offers plenty of fun and entertainment for families accompanying Tour cyclists (click here to check out our Perfect Weekend guide). But the package makes pit crew duty a lot more enjoyable.

And the ride is pretty terrific, too: Its 110-, 40-, and 26-mile options follow low-traffic byways through sweeping, summit-framed ranchlands. All three circuits offer riders big rewards—so why not share a few with the whole team?