Last year was a great year for Denver tourism. Thanks in part to the Democratic National Convention, Denver wasn’t among U.S. cities that have faced a decline in business and leisure travel. Denver reaped $3.1 billion in tourist bucks, up significantly, according to the Denver Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau (via The Denver Post). Although about 12.2 million visitors stayed overnight in the city in 2008, roughly the same as 2007, they spent more money last year. Rich Grant of the Denver Convention and Visitors Bureau tells the Denver Daily News that 2009 probably won’t be as good as 2008 in terms of overnight travelers to Denver, but he also notes a rebound in consumer confidence and that Denver International Airport is performing well in comparison with other airports. The state as a whole also did better, with 50.6 million visitors, a 2 percent increase over 2007, but statewide spending, at $10.9 billion, was down slightly from the year before, writes the Denver Business Journal. There’s plenty to do in Colorado this summer, as the June issue of 5280 points out with nine seasonal itineraries.