The Celestial Seasonings tour is far from a snooze despite the factory’s Sleepytime Drive address (named after the company’s famous tea). The free, 45-minute tour starts on the hour, but you should arrive a few minutes early to imbibe at the tea bar. You’ll soon learn that most of Celestial Seasonings’ products are actually herbal infusions, not tea. The primary differences are the amount of herbs used and steeping times. See, don’t you feel smarter already?

Don the mandatory beard and hairnets—and make sure to take a selfie before settling in for a video that features the Boulderites who founded the company in 1969. Then, you’ll head out for the grand tour. While plain, white boxes full of plants may not sound like interesting tour fodder, your nose will tell you differently. There’s even a special Mint Room to quarantine the plant’s strong scent from other ingredients. Before you hit sensory overload, you’ll learn about Charlie Baden, the company’s blendmaster, who has inspected Celestial Seasoning blends for 38 years. By the time I hit the gift shop at the end of the tour, I felt happily indoctrinated into the Celestial Seasonings family—and ready for a cup of tea.

Price: Free

Tip: The Celestial Café is open for breakfast and lunch on weekdays.

—Image Courtesy of Celestial Seasonings