Denverites are sometimes mocked for their devotion to Whole Foods (see: episode three of the latest season of South Park), but Trader Joe’s’ steady expansion in the area might win over foodies looking for a more affordable way to score healthy, exotic eats.

A planned 13,000-square-foot space in Littleton’s Bowles Crossing Shopping Center will complement the chain’s existings stores in Greenwood Village and central Denver—one at 6th Avenue and Logan Street; the other at Colorado Boulevard and 8th Avenue. The company says the new location will open in the first quarter of 2016.

By now, we expect that most Denverites have enjoyed the Trader Joe’s experience. But for those who are uninitiated, you’re in for a treat.

Most grocery chains’ store-brand products are, at best, faithful recreations of name-brand versions. Trader Joe’s is more adventurous with its offerings, which include an exciting and constantly rotating cast of strange-but-appetizing foods: chocolate orange sticks, rosemary marcona almonds, and mandarin orange chicken, to name a few. Because the store stocks its own products and excludes most others, choice can sometimes feel limited. But prices are consistently low, and most staples are easy to find.

Brightly colored displays, employees clad in Hawaiian shirts, and a store layout that eschews traditional towering aisles provide a welcome alternative to boxy, maze-like grocery chains. Trader Joe’s is also widely respected for paying its workers a living wage and making an effort to source its products ethically. In socially conscious Colorado, these extras might be enough to sway shoppers from their usual haunts, even if it means braving Trader Joe’s consistently long lines. Good food is worth the wait, right?

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