A growing number of Aspen residents are peeved about a new reality show that features their fine city, “Secrets of Aspen,” which, as The Huffington Post writes, “depicts the cutthroat world” of the elite in all their “gratuitous drama and promiscuity.” The show has yet to air an episode, but a promo makes Aspen appear brimming with vapid superficiality. To debut on VH1, the show has led critics to do what all critics seem to be doing these days—start a Facebook page to support the “real Aspen people” in their fight against negative Aspen stereotypes. “Go back to LA where you belong,” the site reads. The Aspen Times highlights the controversy, noting that many residents are just plain angry with High Noon Entertainment—the show’s Denver-based production company—as well as the city for giving the company permits to film in Aspen. The city has defended its decision not to be the ultrananny, stating that it only assures companies have insurance and legal agreements, which are not related to the content of a show, when granting film permits.

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