We’re salivating just thinking about first tracks (only 35 days until Keystone opens, but who’s counting?). A part of ski season we’re not looking forward to: wipeouts. Cut down on yard sales by visiting Centennial’s Snöbahn. The three-month-old facility’s three slopes use the same type of revolving mechanism as treadmills, and their speeds and angles can be adjusted based on your ability. We know: Trading powder for nylon-fiber ramps doesn’t sound like it’d turn you into a ripper. But no lift lines, real-time critiques from seasoned ski instructors, and a mirror at the bottom of the slope (so you can see when you’re, say, leaning too far forward) mean your technique will likely improve more quickly than at a resort. Once your hourlong session (starting at $30 for adults) is finished, Snöbahn’s lounge area—complete with coffee, libations, and locally made snacks like Mame’s Burritos—will let you warm up your après-ski skills, too.