Most football observers know that Tim Tebow had problems with his throwing mechanics before leaving the University of Florida—from taking too long to throw the ball to the way his upper body turned too much as he threw, causing him to lose accuracy at times.

For those reasons, many were shocked when the Denver Broncos traded several draft picks to take Tebow in the first round. Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels apparently sees something in Tebow others don’t.

Now, Sports Illustrated’s Peter King takes a look at their relationship from inside the Broncos’ Englewood training camp, showing the intensive work required in acclimating Tebow to pro-level play. It’s all somewhat overwhelming for him.

“I’m very young,” Tebow says. “Right now, in this offense, I’m in elementary school. I’m understanding the concepts, but now I have to get comfortable with every one. I know I’ll get them down. I know it.”

King observes that Kyle Orton is fluent in the complicated language of McDaniels’ offense; this will be Orton’s second year running it. Brady Quinn, acquired by the Broncos in a trade earlier this spring, is also mastering the complicated schemes. But Tebow is having a tougher time.

McDaniels and other coaches are also working extensively with Tebow on his throwing mechanics, to the point that he ends up throwing 175 extra passes after practice, when everyone else has gone home. Tebow says he’s enjoying it and welcomes the criticism surrounding him and McDaniels.

“We both love it,” Tebow says. “It’s a little bit of us against the world. It will be wonderful when I prove him right.”