33 Things Every Coloradan Should Know How to Do | We outline the must-have skills required of all true Centennial State citizens, among them: how to carry skis, bear-proof camp, paddle rapids, read a topography map, tie a fly, drive a mountain pass, and, of course, wear a cowboy hat.

Night Rider | Cap off your season with night skiing in Steamboat Springs.

Renaissance Gym | The revamped Vail Vitality Center uses a holistic approach to help one former competitive athlete find her fitness.

Dr. Pepper | Aspen chef Michael Beary’s quest to save rare Mexican chiles from extinction.

Ice, Ice Baby | Broomfield’s Aaron Montgomery, who recently returned from demonstrating ice climbing as a potential Olympic sport in Sochi, walks us through scaling Vail’s difficult 35-meter Rigid Designator.

On the Road (Again) | Jack Kerouac would have celebrated his 92nd birthday this month. Although Kerouac was originally from Massachusetts, he spent time in Denver in the late 1940s, which he chronicled in his classic novel On The Road. In honor of the Memory Babe’s 92nd year, we’ve put together this tour of spots rumored to have hosted the voice that changed a generation.

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Kasey Cordell
Kasey Cordell
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