New owners have assumed the helm at the Inn at Steamboat, and they’re offering something that the base area has long lacked—cozy, service-oriented accommodation near the lifts.

Steamboat has plenty of attractive base area condos. And downtown, there’s the Hotel Bristol, made charming by Pendleton blankets and red leather wing chairs. But the base area lacked anything that matched its warmth and intimacy, which is what Todd and Tiffany Moore hope to change.

In May, they bought the long-established Inn at Steamboat, which the previous owners had remodeled in 2008. That facelift resulted in granite bathroom countertops, slate floors, and new carpeting. Now the Moores have elevated the guest experience even further. They’ve fitted the beds with sumptuous microfiber sheets. Todd brought in his grandmother’s antique rug—a glorious, ballroom-sized carpet that now graces the inn’s “library” and TV room. Upscale (and earth-friendly) bath products are stocked in the bathrooms. New family suites offer a large room (with a TV and king bed) adjoining a smaller one containing two twin beds that are perfect for kiddos with early bedtimes.

And most significantly, the Moores upgraded customer service. The Inn’s new concierge, Cindy Johnston, now helps guests find the best that Steamboat has to offer. “I learn what people are looking for and steer them to the activities and restaurants that make sense for them,” she says. That trip planning assistance happens when they make their reservation, or when they arrive–whatever guests prefer.

The “have it your way” motto is a carryover from Todd’s experience as Resort Manager at One Steamboat Place, a luxury development at the base area that instructed staff to say “yes” to every guest request. “We’re implementing that ‘never say no’ philosophy here at the Inn as well,” he says. You want to take over the breakfast room for a family pizza party? Fine. Stage a movie night in the shared lounge? Sure!

“We see this living room as a place that all guests can enjoy,” says Tiffani Moore. The ambiance certainly encourages lounging: Rugged stones on one wall frame a cheerful gas fireplace, leather couches make inviting nooks for cozying up with a book and blanket, and chocolate chip cookies during après-ski draw guests to the lounge. All of that makes the Inn at Steamboat feel a little like one of Alta’s celebrated lodges, where guests enjoy private rooms but mingle in common spaces.

In fact, the only thing that seems missing from the Inn’s lodge-like character is a bar. It’d be fabulous to pull off the ski boots, settle in, and order up a glass of Pinot Noir. For now, libation is one thing that guests have to supply themselves. But in every other regard, the Moores are at your service.