Theater is so often viewed from the confines of a rigid concert hall seat. But Travelers of the Lost Dimension, the latest experiential performance from Denver-based group Off Center, invites its audience members to leave their chairs and participate in the storyline, even interacting with and sometimes becoming their own characters. Viewers will make their way through various spaces (in this case, within the Stanley Marketplace, the former aircraft equipment factory) alongside the cast to “travel to another dimension.” It’s not improv, but guests can participate as much or as little as they want.

Off-Center, the newest and quirkiest offshoot of the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, made its debut in Summer 2016 with the sold-out hit Sweet & Luckythe first large-scale immersive show in Denver. Travelers of the Lost Dimension, developed by A.C.E., a Mile High City comedy trio known for being playful and comical, will be lighter and an entirely different type of performance.

Unlike Sweet & Lucky, which took place in a RiNo warehouse and was equipped with elaborate scenes specially created for the show, Travelers of the Lost Dimension will utilize the Stanley as its unconventional stage. The Stanley, home to more than 50 businesses (think The Source or Denver Central Market, but on steroids) creates the perfect setting for Off-Center to experiment with a 360-degree experience happening in public and open-air spaces for the first time.

Audiences are encouraged to wear comfy shoes, travel light, and be prepared to play. “It’s a fantastical realm about imagination and childlike wonder,” says Hope Grandon, DCPA’s event manager.  “We’re excited for people to not have too much information but to be game for everything.” We do know cast members will be sporting zany costumes that bring A.C.E’s DIY-rogue-art vision to life, featuring random items such as balloons, bananas, tutus, and brown bags. Audience members can also look forward to ending the performance at Stanley Beer Hall with a free drink included with their ticket purchase.

The shows start next week and because there’s limited room aboard (only 45 per performance), don’t waste any time getting your hands on tickets.

Details: Travelers of the Lost Dimension runs March 16 through May 21; tickets start at $25. The show is for most ages. There is free and plentiful parking at Stanley Market Place. The show is roughly 90 minutes. You will receive an email with performance details (such as where the adventure starts within the Stanley).