Eleven years ago, Colorado Treasurer-elect Walker Stapleton made a “mistake” in “my mid-20s that I regret.” Stapleton smelled of alcohol as he allegedly walked away from the scene of an accident in San Francisco, making “loud and belligerent” noises and ignoring officers, writes The Denver Post, which obtained records of the incident from Stapleton, who defeated Democrat Cary Kennedy in the election earlier this month. Stapleton, now 36, disputes that the incident was a hit-and-run, saying the documents he received do “not represent the complete record of the case.”

After his arrest, Stapleton pleaded guilty to drunken-driving after a taxi hit his Jeep Cherokee, damaging it, and forcing him to pull over a block away–which Stapleton disputes. The report claims he continued to drive away even after police attempted to stop him with lights and sirens, and that he only stopped after his Jeep could no longer continue. He was sentenced to community service. The Colorado Independent is critical of the Post’s article, saying it fails to answer some questions, such as, “Was anyone hurt in the accident?” Court documents examined by the Independent list two victims, but the Post, citing California police, writes that “no pedestrians” were injured in the collision.