The holiday hustle has ceased, the cold has set in, and it’s officially the best part of ski season—all good reasons to spoil yourself with the Four Seasons’ new spa treatment especially for the Centennial State’s active population. The Evergreen Massage pairs evergreen essential oil with heated bamboo “energy healing sticks” to create a muscle-mending, deep-tissue massage. Before you shake your head at “energy healing sticks,” consider: The redemptive bamboo rods have been used for centuries to help repair overtaxed bodies. “Many ancient cultures used bamboo in spiritual and healing rituals,” says LizBeth Peter (pictured), senior massage therapist at Four Seasons Hotel Denver. “We use warm, smooth bamboo stalks in a variety of sizes, lengths, and shapes to artfully massage tension from tight muscles.” The service (50 or 80 minutes; $150 and $225, respectively) targets specific muscles, promotes injury prevention (think: IT band tightness, shin splints, and lower back pain), and alleviates tension throughout the body. In other words, it’ll help undo the damage from all those mogul runs and wipeouts.

Bonus: Evergreen oil is packed with vitamin C, something all of us can use a little more of during the snowy season.