Does trying to keep up with the fashion pack each season cause you anxiety? Are you tired of making so much effort to set yourself apart from the crowd? If so, normcore is for you.

Normcore: A basic, nondescript look—think mid-’90s suburban wear such light wash denim paired with a Hanes T-shirt—that doesn’t try to attain status through flaunting brand logos, wearing flashy clothing and accessories, or attempting to be avant-garde.

The “style” was first observed on Williamsburg hipsters earlier this year by New York City trend forecasting firm K-Hole. Since then, it’s been written about in everything from New York Magazine and the New York Times, to Vogue UK and Lucky. Normcore is a reaction against the confusing number of trends that initially show on international runways each season but ultimately end up in fast fashion stores such as Forever 21 and H&M. It’s about opting out of the fashion cycle—not trying to find the next big trend or the next big designer before everyone else—and embracing the desire to fit in.

But can an attitude really constitute a fashion trend? Berkeley Supply owner Eli Cox (whose store features zero logos) says he avoids chasing seasonal trends but looking like an uncool mom or dad from another decade is something else entirely. I agree: There’s an obvious line between trying too hard to look fashionable and just appearing schleppy. My advice: Dress sans logos and bling but make the effort to create your own personal style.

—Image courtesy of Shutterstock

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