When Corner House opens in the coming weeks (the tentative date is set for January 16, about a month behind schedule), executive chef Matt Selby will roll out the duck eggs. This is notable because Bon Appétit recently declared the ingredient one of the year’s 25 hottest culinary trends.

As a whole, duck eggs are richer (and some say healthier) than chicken eggs, which lend additional depth to dishes such as Selby’s chocolate duck egg crème brûlée. Crack the crust with your spoon, and you’ll find a dessert that is silky and delicate, with a subtle hint of chocolate. Selby also tosses pistachios (for the poached pear and Gorgonzola dessert) in cinnamon, coriander, sugar, salt, and frothed duck egg whites before toasting them. The wash ensures that the nuts have a rich tasting, crispy coating.

Bonus: Corner House’s small, three-meals-a-day menu delivers other big 2013 trends: curry smoked chicken thigh panino (Bon Appétit: chicken), roast beef panino with horseradish (Bon Appétit: horseradish), tuna poke bowl with wakame (Food & Wine: sea ingredients), and cured foie gras with pickled cauliflower (Eat Beat: preserved foods).

Elsewhere: Also find duck eggs at Pizzeria Republica (add one to any pizza for $2).

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Amanda M. Faison
Amanda M. Faison
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