Though not exactly the new kid on the block, goat has begun to fascinate American diners like never before. To wit, look at goat workshops at the Aspen Food & Wine Classic and even features in New York magazine crowning the “best goat” dish in the city. Leaner than beef, pork, or chicken, and not as gamey as lamb, goat has great versatility, as we discovered in the delicious goat curry at Azitra in Broomfield.

Chef Mangal Signh’s take on the humble protein combines an aromatic, North Indian curry with large tender chunks of slowly braised goat, its juicy, fall-off-the-bone meat robed in mildly spicy, tomato-based sauce laden with layers of nuanced flavor. The lunch portion arrives with warm naan, cardamom- and caraway-spiced basmati rice, and either a salad or the soup of the day (if it’s available, order the perfectly seasoned dal soup). If you stop by for dinner, add a selection from Azitra’s surprisingly large wine list.

Plus: Try the saffron-lime mussels, which are simmered in coconut, lime, saffron, and a mixture of southern Indian spices.

535 Zang St., Suite C, Broomfield, 303-465-4444