Halloween is just a few days away, and whether you’re into tricks or treats, Denver has plenty of options, including cemetery crawls, an eight-acre corn maze, or dinner in a former mortuary. If you’re up for a drive, it’s not too late to get tickets to the annual Shining Ball at The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park.

Speaking of scary movies, the Mile High Horror Film Festival recently hosted a weekend of fright nights at the Tivoli Theater, and it reminded us of Halloween slumber parties with Freddy Krueger, Jason, and Michael Myers. We even caught up with some of our favorite old-school horror stars at the festival. Here’s what some of them are up to:

Anthony Cecere

Then: During his 30-year career as a Hollywood stunt man, Cecere worked on more than 90 films, including classics like Ghostbusters and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. His specialty was fire burns.

Now: Cecere retired from Hollywood and now travels the country in his RV. He recently spent two months in Alaska prospecting for gold.

Mark Patton (pictured, with fan)

Then: Patton beat out Brad Pitt and Matt Damon for the role of Jesse in A Nightmare on Elm Street: 2.

Now: Patton lives in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where he owns the art gallery Lalo Morales. He is an active philanthropist and uses his appearance fees to support The Trevor Project, a charity aimed at preventing suicides among gay youths.

Eileen Dietz

Then: Dietz appeared in soap operas like General Hospital and Guiding Light, but she’s best known for her role as the evil demon in The Exorcist.

Now: Dietz is currently working on a book, Tales from the Set of The Exorcist: Exorcising my Demon, which she hopes will help aspiring actors.

—Image courtesy of Rich Vossler Photography