Tryst really, really wants your business. I’m not one to complain about drink specials and freebies, but Tryst Lounge is trying so hard to get bodies through the door that I’m thinking it smacks of desperation.

Friday night they’re offering a $50 bar tab to get people to model for them. The mini-modeling gig consists of waltzing around in your undies — well, lingerie — and of course you can keep the clothes. Drop by between 7 and 9 p.m. for the details.

They’re also offering 50 percent off all bar tabs for Superbowl Sunday, and they just bought a 42-inch plasma screen for your viewing pleasure. And when they say all tabs, they seem to mean it — if you’re feeling spendy, you can snag a bottle of Dom for half price ($142).

Plus, you can swing by anytime for free movie passes to Constantine, Keanu’s latest mind game flick, and on Wednesday nights the ladies take serious advantage of those $1 drinks.

They’ll even validate your parking at Writer’s Square; with the discount it’s only $3, the best steal of deal downtown.

I guess it’s all a good thing, right? You know what they say about gift horses, so I’ll go with it. You keep feeding me freebies, and sure, I’ll be your friend. For now.