Can you say humpday hangover? The idiots who chose not to vote for our Denver nominees at last weekend’s national Club World Awards in Miami might not think so, but Denver’s got a rockin nightlife scene.

Tonight at Tryst Lounge should be a wild one; they just introduced a new weekly night called Tryst with a Twist, where a $10 cover for the gals and $20 for the guys gets you access to an open bar all night long. Not a bad deal, considering that most cocktails run around $7 at the downtown lounges. But open bars tend to lead to excess — just because you can, of course — and excess on your average Tuesday leads to a helluva long day on Wednesday. Still, you can plan ahead and start early. The open bar deal runs from 5 p.m. to midnight every Tuesday, until they come to their senses and cancel this little drunkfest. Until then, they’re advertising “harder dance beats and debauchery,” so drink up and enjoy. Dealing with the hangover? That’s tomorrow’s problem.