The Denver Post calls Congressman Tom Tancredo on the carpet for his recent attack on Sen. Ken Salazar, and more importantly, for his stealth attempt to insert a provision restricting immigrant rights into the military spending bill:

Tom Tancredo, the Republican representative from Colorado’s 6th District, is irresponsibly trying to hijack a supplemental spending bill meant for American troops and tsunami relief by tacking on an immigration amendment that bans illegal immigrants from obtaining driver’s licenses. His effort could delay the $81 billion supplemental measure that provides vital funding for our troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

….The supplemental bill is about our troops and adequately funding military operations. It shouldn’t get bogged down in the debate over immigration.

Tancredo’s views are popping up everywhere these days, from his non-criticism of Tom DeLay to his obsession with restricting immigrants’ rights. Maybe it’s time to begin a Tancredo Watch as he hones his message for New Hampshire.