I first experienced strong, thick Turkish coffee while traveling through Greece and the former Yugoslavia nearly 20 years ago. Pouring coffee from the long-handled copper decanter into the white demitasse was a daily ritual—one that was sadly forgotten upon arriving back in Colorado.

Happily, I’ve rediscovered that delight and ceremony at Euro Cafe & Market. Located amid a line of chain stores at Northfield Stapleton (and directly across from the Northfield Harkins Theatre), Euro Cafe provides a welcome cross-cultural respite. Put down your shopping bag, pull up a chair, and order a Turkish coffee. Allow the server to instruct you on the proper way to enjoy it. (In short: pour coffee from the decanter into the cup, dip a sugar cube into the coffee, eat the sugar, and then sip the strong coffee.) Order a triangle of sticky-sweet baklava to go with it, or—if you need more sustenance—a gyro sandwich served with tangy tzatziki.

Tip: Save time to browse the eclectic collection of European groceries, including chocolates, jams, sausages, and teas.

8270 Northfield Blvd., Unit 1485, 303-371-1108