Though he acknowledges it’s “not the most politically expedient” maneuver, former Denver mayor hopeful James Mejia has decided to publicly back Chris Romer in the run-up to the June 7 runoff election (9News). Romer finished in first place in the primary, and Mejia’s campaign will now merge with that of the front-runner “completely.”

Hancock’s sympathetic response to the news, while cordial, doesn’t do much for the sentiment that Denverites may be uninspired by the lack of major differences between Hancock and Romer. While it’s not known what exactly has tipped the scales in Romer’s direction, Mejia talked with both campaigns before deciding he “did not feel we could achieve the same ideals with Michael Hancock” (Denver Post). Hardly fighting words, but then again, in a race that has been called “unprecedented in modern mayoral primaries,” neither remaining contender can afford to appear ungracious.