Talking about University of Colorado football coach Dan Hawkins and his seeming inability to do anything for the team can feel like a waste of energy, especially when it comes to winning football games or recruiting players.

Coach Hawk (left) has been like the guy at the party who can’t read the social cues, unable to tell that he’s irritating just about everybody.

But Boulder’s Daily Camera writes that Hawkins may finally be starting to take a hint, admitting for what may be the first time that he probably needs to win some games.

“It’s time to cinch it up a little bit,” Hawkins says, claiming that the standards he holds for himself are higher than any placed on him by fans or pundits.

Coming off a 3-9 season, which would have been his last had CU ponied up for a $3 million buyout package, Hawkins won’t predict how many wins it will take for CU to want to retain his services past the upcoming season.

Chances are anything less than a prestigious bowl game or a national championship won’t cut it.

Meanwhile, the Camera reports in a separate article that we may have already seen the last of Little Hawk as starting quarterback, as well.

Hawkins’ son Cody (right) has been the opening-day starter for three years, but Tyler Hansen was more impressive as he wrapped up last season and played through spring football.