Last week, The New York Times launched Bucks, a daily personal-finance blog aimed to help consumers make smart financial decisions. I couldn’t agree more with writer Ron Lieber here:

“If you were freed from your workaday duties, you could easily fill 40 hours a week double-checking the various fees on your monthly bills, researching the move to a new cable provider, repricing insurance policies and keeping up with the newest online financial tools.”

So far Bucks has written about the best savings account interest rates, twentysomethings staying reliant on their parents’ health insurance, and a daily aggregate of consumer news from the Times.

If you’re more into face-to-face discussion of finance (you brave soul!), check out Financially Fit Females, a group I found through, which gathers monthly to talk about personal-finance topics.

Typically, the group meets on the third Thursday of each month, but this month’s meeting was rescheduled (due to snow) for tonight at 6:30 p.m. at Illegal Grounds Coffeehouse, 925 E. 17th Ave.