It’s been a couple days since the Denver Post launched a full-court press to try and get Denver Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton to leave town via a trade. On the same day, the Post’s Woody Paige and Mark Kiszla suggested the team would be better off without Orton—and that Orton would be better off without the Broncos. Paige says the Broncos should make some room to develop draft pick Tim Tebow and other quarterbacks Brady Quinn and Tom Brandstater, while Kiszla writes that Orton should be the one to force the trade. “Kyle Orton would have rocks for brains to start another game as quarterback of the Broncos,” Kiszla says. “Why should Orton stick around and be a clown in the Tim Tebow circus?”

The national media are responding to the Post’s columnists, saying trading Orton would be stupid. Pro Football Talk tells Paige that nobody is going to give up anything of significance for Orton, and the site tells Kiszla that Orton would be stupid to give up a probable starting role and a chance of another quality season, which could lead to a big contract in another town.

Arizona’s Tuscon Citizen is the latest newspaper to recognize that Coach Josh McDaniels has staked his future on Tim Tebow. And the Tebow name is popping up in the news for other reasons, too. Tebow’s mother, Pam, travels the country speaking to women’s groups and Christian groups, and is becoming a sought-after commodity, according to a lengthy profile from the Denver Post (free registration required). From the controversial 30-second Super Bowl ad paid for by Colorado Springs-based Focus on the Family to lectures all over, Pam Tebow could become just as big as her son. Let’s just hope his play on the field justifies some of the press.