In front of roughly 10 million viewers, Colorado Rockies pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez proved that his 15-1 record coming into last night’s All-Star game was no fluke.

As the National League’s starting pitcher, it was Jimenez’s job to set the tone for the game and help the NL claim its first win since 1996. He didn’t disappoint, throwing two scoreless innings and then watching as the rest of the NL pitchers dominated the American League, eventually winning the game 3-1.

“I wasn’t nervous,” Jimenez tells The Denver Post. “I was just trying to stay under control. It was everything I expected.”

Jimenez threw 25 pitches over two innings and now has the rest of the week off before returning to the Rockies next Monday in Florida. The win gives the NL home-field advantage in the World Series, a crucial boost for teams like the Rockies, who play much better at Coors Field than on the road.

It was a good day for the rest of the Rockies team, as well, which found out that manager Jim Tracy earned a special honor in his hometown. The Associated Press reports that the city council of Hamilton, Ohio, has voted to name a street after Tracy.

“He’s done a lot for Hamilton just by succeeding in life,” Hamilton Parks and Recreation administrator Bob Harris tells the Hamilton Journal-News. “He’s just a good human being and we want to show our appreciation.”