Because I’m not a morning person, I follow a breakfast routine that doesn’t waver much (or require any thought): two cups of Peet’s coffee, followed by a large bowl of plain Greek yogurt and granola and fresh berries. For the last several weeks, my choice of granola has been Bear Naked Pure and Natural, made in La Jolla, California. But then I started wondering: what local granolas might I support?

After a trip to Whole Foods, I came home with five locally produced granolas and conducted a personalized taste and nutrition comparison. The result? My overwhelming favorite is Udi’s Natural Artisan Granola with cranberries and walnuts. The thick-cut oats are toasted resulting in a satisfying caramelized crunch, and then blended with light honey, chewy cranberries, and walnuts. Even better: Udi’s comes in at just 120 calories per 1/4 cup, with 4.5 grams of fat.

The other local granolas, in order of preference, are:

Yoli’s Granoli (Denver): Mildly sweet with a great toasted crunch, blended with almonds and cranberries. 120 calories per 1/4cup, with 4 grams of fat.

Fiona’s All-Natural Granola (Boulder): The sweetest on the list, this one included barley, which added another layer of texture. 142 calories per 1/4 cup, 6.75 grams of fat.

Bulumu All-Natural Granola (Boulder): This untoasted granola lacked the flavor punch of its competitors, and the dried blueberries were hard. Mix this one with a flavored yogurt. 120 calories per 1/4 cup, 3 grams of fat.

Boulder Granola (Boulder): I had high hopes for this one but the low sugar content, small cut of the oats, and high-calorie and fat content (190 calories per 1/4 cup, 13 grams fat), pushed it to the bottom of my list.