When the Denver Nuggets announced Masai Ujiri as the team’s new general manager last week, it was obvious to almost everybody that his first and most pressing order of business would be to resolve the contract stalemate with star Carmelo Anthony. Ujiri now tells reporters he intends to meet with Melo soon and vows to keep negotiations open and cordial, writes The Denver Post.

Melo has been in China shooting scenes for a movie but is apparently heading back to the United States. He made headlines over the last few days after he allegedly offered $5,000 over Twitter to anyone who would slap a celebrity groupie.

Pro Basketball Talk has the sequence of events, which started with the groupie allegedly disrespecting Melo and Lala Vasquez, his new wife, and ended with Melo offering the $5,000 bounty and then posting a picture of the cash reward. Melo claims his Twitter account was hacked, but the woman claims on her website to have filed a police report about the situation.

Yahoo! Sports calls the situation “stupid” either way.