There’s just something wonderful about the structured chaos of a six-year-old ukulele class or a toddler drumming circle. But all that noise isn’t for everyone. That’s why Swallow Hill Music’s newest outreach school in Lowry is ready for your little one to learn rhythm and sound—all from the safety of a soundproof room.

Swallow Hill reached past its South Denver location to connect with the musically interested on the metro area’s eastern corridor. Kids will find an instrument to try, whether they are enrolled in classes geared for six-month-olds, Little Mozart’s Piano for ages three to four (yes, they play on tiny Charlie Brown-esque pianos), or beginner instruction on violin, fiddle, guitar, and ukulele.

Swallow Hill’s Lindsay Taylor says it’s best to sign up for classes at least a week in advance. The eight-week duration and limited student capacity (12 kids per class) make the experience a no-stress trial for instruments that kids may not have access to in traditional settings. “It’s very experiential,” Taylor says. “Students learn a song and then go back to learn the notes and theory.”

As I sat in a beginners’ ukulele class at the grand opening last week, the students were already picking up the tune of “If you’re happy and you know it, play your uke.” I was reminded that the Swallow Hill motto is: “If you can hold an instrument, you can play an instrument,” and I didn’t get off without taking a couple strums myself.

Swallow Hill Music Lowry, 7653 E. 1st Place,

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