The Denver Community Corrections board voted unanimously today that Lisl Auman can be transferred to a half-way house to finish serving her sentence for her part in the murder of police officer Bruce VanderJagt. Anna VanderJagt, the officer’s widow, joined in the request to the board.

Anna VanderJagt said Auman has taken responsibility for her part in VanderJagt’s death. She said she understands how and why the plea deal with Auman was made and wanted the application approved.

Lisl will be formally sentenced on Monday. In the unlikely event the Judge or a Denver halfway house does not agree with the sentence, she would be able to withdraw her guilty plea and go to trial. For all intents and purposes, this case is over. Lisl has spent eight years in a maximum security prison, and she will now move to a less restrictive, but still custodial situation. I think all parties are to be commended for working to avoid the original, unjust sentence of life in prison without parole. I’m sure there will be a cheer or two at Hunter Thompson’s memorial service this weekend. Hunter did a yeoman’s job of publicizing Lisl’s plight.

Auman’s case caught the nation’s attention after celebrities including the late Hunter S. Thompson and Warren Zevon rallied for her freedom. They and other supporters questioned the fairness of Colorado’s felony murder law that sent her to prison for life with no chance of parole.